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Win On Pack

If product packaging is the only way to communicate your promotion, our range of on-pack labels and neck collars are a perfect way to promote. Various mechanics can be adopted to incorporate an instant win promotion without overlooking the essential need for security.

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Win On Pack Win On Pack
Tear To Win

Similar to ‘Peel to Reveal’ made up of two layers of material which securely hides the consumer message the consumer activates the card by removing all three perforated edges.

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Tear To Win Tear To Win
Spin Or Slide To Win

‘Spin or Slide’ is a moving game card that reveals hidden messages through any size / shape apertures you desire.

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Spin Or Slide To Win Spin Or Slide To Win
GS&M Inspire Your New Promotion

A vast range of game cards tailor made for your promotion · With incredible lead times, high security game development, friendly and reliable customer service, and over 25 years of experience – we have all the boxes ticked!

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Scratch Cards

This is the most popular game card product offering extremely cost effective solutions for instant win promotions and can incorporate data capture options by adding a Unique Reference Number.

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Scratch Card – Instant Win Scratch Card – Instant Win
Random Codes

Unique Codes on promotional gamecards or mailings are great ways to allow a customer to digitally interact with a promotion and engage with a Brand even further than a traditional promotion via a website or app. They also give great opportunities to collect relevant customer data to inform or personalise future projects.

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Unique Random Codes Generation Unique Random Codes Generation

This mechanic can be the riskiest of all the gamecard mechanics as Everyone’s a potential Winner! We understand the risks along with additional security measures that can be incorporated and are recommended by underwriter's if a retailer is considering producing a promotion of this kind.

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Probability Probability
Peel & Win

This format consists of two layers of material which securely hides the consumer message between the layers appearing only when the consumer opens the gamecard via the ‘Peel to Reveal’ mechanic and is a cost effective alternative to the scratch card.

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Peel & Win Peel & Win
Wet & Win

Our unique ‘Wet to Reveal’ mechanic uses a special ink technology that allows consumers to ‘dip’ or ‘wet’ the card with virtually any liquid to reveal an instant win message and is reversible, disappearing when the card dries only to allow the consumer to reveal the message once again.

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Wet & Win Wet & Win
Scratch & Sniff

Whether you are looking for a stock fragrance or your own bespoke fragrance we can assist you in designing a suitable promotion. 'Scratch & Sniff’ applies a special ‘encapsulated scratch & sniff’ ink to gamecards to deliver a unique promotional impact.

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Scratch & Sniff Mechanic Scratch & Sniff Mechanic
Chill To Win

Our ‘Chill to Reveal’ products are unique and use a special reversible ink technology, which reveals an instant win message when chilled. The message vanishes when the gamecard returns to a normal temperature offering repeat opportunities to activate the message.

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Chill To Win Chill To Win
Film Reveal

Film reveal mechanics tend to be highly persuasive mechanics increasing consumer interaction with retail brands. Various colour options are available so don't be too concerned if you feel your brand could be better demonstrated with a specific colour reveal as we'd be delighted to offer our expertise and guidance.

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Film Reveal Mechanic Film Reveal Mechanic
Light Reactive

This is a versatile mechanic guarantees to drive consumer's into stores or to marketing stands by utilising invisible ink technology that reveals a message when placed beneath a UV light!

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Light Reactive Light Reactive
Collect To Win

‘Collect to Win’ promotions are a great way to encourage consumers to re-visit retail outlets to repeat purchase. They offer a high level of anticipation / excitement for the consumer and generally increase loyalty which can prove to be excellent promotions for retailers.

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Collect To Win Collect To Win
Heat To Win

‘Heat to Reveal’ formats involve a black obscuring ink that hides your printed image or message, which becomes visible when the card is heated through touch / heat.

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Heat To Win Heat To Win
Individually Wrapped

Individually wrapping your game card is generally utilised to help protect printed gamecards against contamination with food by wrapping in a ‘food grade safe film’ or to add extra security to your promotion by hiding the gamecard and message / prize within a silver metallic foil.

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Individually Wrapped Mechanics Individually Wrapped Mechanics
Pop Up & Win

‘Pop-Up’ mechanics can reveal characters and facts & figures by creating a 3 dimensional effect appearing from the centre of the card offering maximum brand impact on particular promotions.

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Pop Up Mechanic Pop Up Mechanic
Roll Over

These products are an innovative and entertaining alternative and do just as they say Rollover & Over & Over & Over… giving 4 different surfaces to maximise communicating your promotional message and brand.

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Roll Over Roll Over
Snap To Win

An increasingly popular format for promoting / launching those major brands. Whether you are trying to promote the effects of ‘Crack open the bottle top’ or ‘Snap and Pull the Christmas cracker’ this mechanic consists of three layers of material to reveal that hidden message once activated.

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Snap & Win Mechanic Snap & Win Mechanic

Welcome to Game Set & Match (UK) Ltd!

A vastly experienced team who have been producing specialist complex promotional game cards for over 20 years. From initial concepts we assist our clients in designing the most relevant game mechanic for their promotion, adding inspiration to their great ideas and ensuring these deliver maximum impact.

Utilising the highest levels of security throughout the production processes we offer the best quality products with total integrity. Products include but are not limited to scratch cards, peel to reveal, crack apart, chill / heat to reveal, light reactive, scratch & sniff, bottle collars and URN generation. Let your inspiration go wild and visit our product pages!

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